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Hear the stories of Success, Hardship, and the Passion for Aviation

The small aviation community meets at one table. Hear one-on-one interviews with veterans and pioneers in aviation, military, aerospace, and technology. Who will sit at the table next? Hosted by Marcus Gropl

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Catch up on Season 2

Season 2
Episode 2.1 Thumbnail.png
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23 Minutes 58 Seconds

Catch up on Season 1

Season 1 Episodes
Episode 7 AUDIO Thumbnail.png

57 Minutes 13 Seconds

Episode 6 On the Flight Line with Bill P

40 Minutes 36 Seconds

Episode 5 On the Flight Line with Bob Mo

34 Minutes 10 Seconds

Episode 4 On the Flight Line with Don Ni

1 Hour 28 Minutes 19 Seconds

Episode 3 On the Flight Line with Bud Ca

30 Minutes 30 Seconds

Episode 2 On the Flight Line with Dan Ol

1 Hour

Episode 1 On the Flight Line with Dave W

42 Minutes 35 Seconds

Highlights and Trailers

Highlights and Trailers
Episode 1 On the Flight Line with Dave W

1 Minute

Meet the Cast

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